Centre for Sustainable Development

The Centre for Sustainable Development is an interdisciplinary collaborative platform of the University of Tartu, bringing together the university’s researchers, students and knowledge to help find the balance between planetary boundaries and human well-being. To this end, we at the university promote research, teaching and development cooperation that supports the environment, the balanced development of society and human well-being. We also support knowledge transfer and social debate in the field of sustainable development.

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Sustainable development - what it is?

Focus topics of the Centre for Sustainable Development

Interdisciplinary research collaboration

Through cross- and interdisciplinary collaboration, the University of Tartu researchers contribute to identifying, preventing and solving the complex problems faced by society. The Centre for Sustainable Development supports interdisciplinary research collaboration.

Research for sustainable development

Advice on the development of the sustainable university

The University of Tartu is an innovative organisation focused on sustainable development, providing equal opportunities, following best practices, and striving towards a more open, environmentally aware and cooperative organisational culture. The Centre for Sustainable Development also provides advice on the sustainable development of the university as an organisation.

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Integrating data on plant traits from the top to the roots will allow researchers to predict the effects of different global change scenarios on plant communities and their functioning across scales.
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Europe’s biodiversity continues to decline at an alarming rate, with most protected species and habitats confronting poor conservation status. Facing the pressure, it is important to understand and model the forces and processes shaping biodiversity with novel tools and methods for knowledge-based and integrated management of natural resources, opening new horizons for science, policymaking and implementation.
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Kaspar Valgepea, Associate Professor of Gas Fermentation Technologies at the University of Tartu, will advance understanding of gas-consuming bacteria, supported by European Research Council grant funding.
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Conference "Three Pillars of Circular Bioeconomy: Talent, R&D, and Technologies" will take place at the Öpiku Conference Centre in Tallinn (Valukoja 8) on 12 and 13 February 2024.